„...some of the most cutting-edge
creators working in their fields.“
(Broadwayworld / New York)

The Electric Pit                          

„...some of the most cutting-edge creators working in their fields.“

(Broadwayworld / New York)

„The Electric Pit“ is a digital sound laboratory and production network. From score music to sound design and from audiovisual branding to mixing, mastering and consulting, „The Electric Pit“ is a professional partner, meeting the highest demands of know-how, creativity and technical features.

The founder of „The Electric Pit“, Ulrich Müller, is an internationally renowned composer who has established a network of companies and companions, comprised of top-level composers, musicians, audio engineers, media designers, videographers, developers and technicians. This expansive production network allows „The Electric Pit“ to provide comprehensive and tailor-made solutions for all demands around digital audio.

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Friends & Partners


„...no less than a 21st-century masterpiece.“

(Limelight Magazine / Australia)


„...an urgent, cinematic score that ramps up the tension to almost unbearable levels. Great stuff.“



„ ... the music is (…) incorporating elements of film-noir homage and futuristic electronica in a post-apocalyptic soundscape...“

(Limelight Magazine / Australia)


„…demonstrates that sound composition and movement (…) can travel along parallel paths of expression, making the whole greater than the sum of its many parts.“

(The Sydney Morning Herald)


„...takes discrete instrumentation, wraps it in ambient noise, and sets the whole thing spinning in a whirlwind.“

(Vancouver Sun)


„...simply touching in its unbelievably sensitive performance approach, aming at subtlest intensities.“

(Neue Musik Zeitung / nmz / Germany)


„...some of the most cutting-edge creators working in their fields.“

(Broadwayworld / New York)


„Wild like John Zorn, delicate as distant signals from a busy phoneline, brute and urban...."

(Süddeutsche Zeitung / Munich)


„What makes the piece so breathtaking (...) is not only the powerful imagery (…) but also the musical realization“

(Medienkorrespondenz / Germany)


Music for movies,
TV, theatre and dance

Sound design for all applications in advertisement, TV and movie productions and audio environments, such as sound installations and media installations.

Audio branding & audiovisual branding

Production and arrangement
of your midi-projects

Mixing and mastering online services.
For broadcasting we master your project according to the EBU R128 (Europe) and the ATSC A/85 (America) recommendations.

Musical advice for theater, movies,
audio branding and audio environments



AKG / Apple / AVID / NEUMANN / spl / Softube / UNIVERSAL AUDIO and many more


Mixing, Mastering and Processing:
DAWs: Ableton Live / Apple Logic Pro X / AVID Pro Tools
Plugins: Brainworx / DMG Audio / Eventide / Fabfilter / Flux/Ircam / Ina GRM / HOFA / Izotope / Lexicon / Metric Halo / Meldaproductions / Ohm Force / PSP Audioware / Slate Digital / Softube / Sonnox / Soundtoys / UAD / Waves / Zynaptiq and many more

Sample-Libraries & Software-Synths

8Dio / Applied Acoustic Systems (AAS) / Arturia / Chris Hein / Dimitri Sches / East West / Fxpansion / Heavocitiy / Humanoid Sound Systems / Ircam / Izotope / Klanghaus / KV331Audio / Linplug / Madrona Labs / MetaSynth / Native Instruments / New Sonic Arts / NUSofting / Orange Tree / Rob Papen / SAMPLELOGIC / Spectrasonics / Tone-2 / Tracktion / U-he / UVI / Vienna Symphonic Library / X-fer Records / Zero-G and many more

Ulrich Müller

My career as a musician began back in the late seventies when I was in my early twenties. As a classical and rock guitar player I had the good fortune of becoming a session player and since then I have been excited about studio work.
Parallel to my studies of musicology and composition I began to work with computers, experienced the almost lunatic Atari-wave, took advantage of looking over the shoulders of some very skilled sound engineers and began to dive into any aspect of electronic music, from composition to mixing and mastering. Fortunately I also had some great teachers and mentors like Josef Anton Riedl who was a pioneer of electroacoustic music and former artistic director of the famous Siemens-Studio for Electronic Music.

In 1991 I had the opportunity to write a broadcast for the music department of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (ARD) and have continued to write and produce broadcasts about classical and contemporary music. In 1995 I was a guest artist at the Institute for Music and Acoustics of the ZKM / Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe) and in 1998 I cofounded the ensemble 48nord, which today is an internationally successful collective of composers, producers and musicians, based around my long term colleagues Sigi Rössert and Patrick Schimanski and myself.

Beyond 48nord´s work in the field of concertante electroacoustic music, we have also produced a variety of radioplays (particularly for Deutschlandradio Kultur / Berlin) and the music for dance productions of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, the Semperoper Dresden, The Israeli Opera, the Nederlands Dans Theater, the Sydney Dance Company, the Royal Danish Ballet, The Australian Ballet, the Bavarian State Opera and many many more. Most of these were in collaboration with Jacopo Godani, the internationally acclaimed choreographer and artistic director of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company.
ulrich müller
ulrich müller
For more than 20 years I have been affiliated with Kochan & Partner, one of Germany´s leading agencies for corporate identity, corporate design and digital branding (amongst other services), to which I accredit my insights into the tasks and challenges of current communication work.

Over the years my work has been awarded with prizes and scholarships and I have also had the pleasure of lecturing at  universities such as the Berlin University of the Arts and the University of Television and Film Munich. Now, after many years of traveling, I have settled down at the beautiful Lake Starnberg, not far from the Bavarian capital, Munich, and it is here that I founded „The Electric Pit“.


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